South Wales based business photographer working on commissions throughout the UK

I've been a photographer since 1986. Over the years, I've worked across several genres including product photography, studio photography, editorial photography and photojournalism. This means that there are not many photographic commissions that will faze me technically or even logistically.
In the early years, I concentrated on editorial commissions for national newspapers and Sunday supplements. The skills I learnt during this period have taught me how to work quickly and work with little fuss in stressful situations. In the last fifteen years, I've been increasingly attracted to the world of business and technology. I'm fascinated with modern business, technology, science, people and how these come together so organisations can make, outstanding products, deliver efficient services and produce great wealth. I often work on commissions for some of the largest companies throughout the UK, creating bespoke images that advance the brand message. These images have much greater authenticity than stock images and reflect the companies individuality and core values. I'm based near to Cardiff in South Wales, I also work throughout the UK for full-day or longer commissions. The assignments I take on are very varied, anything from a corporate portrait or Linkedin profile image to a comprehensive image library to support a multi-million-pound contract bid! 

Annual Report Photography

Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities and financial performance. They are often one of the most significant marketing pieces a public company can produce to enhance the company brand. The annual report can highlight the philosophy and vision of the organisation. It's a place to tell your company's story and to attract investment. Often readers are not only looking at the financial position of the company but are seeking assurance that management is implementing their promised strategy. A skilled and experienced photographer can find the stories behind the scenes and produce compelling images that tell the brand story. The primary skills of a corporate photography specialist are not only photographic but also persuasive people skills. Getting the best portrait of the CEO who can only spare a few minutes to pose for a picture or persuade the reluctant worker on the factory floor to sign a model release require the photographer to create an instant rapport with the subject. Getting interesting images in poorly lit factories or dull offices can often be a challenge. My experience, my exceptional people skills and my ability to set up complicated lighting in less than ideal environments mean I can be highly productive at producing great images that your graphic designers will love!

Industrial Photography

As an industrial photographer, you need excited about the subject matter you need to have that sense of awe at a complex machine that can make widgets at an astonishing rate. I have a fascination with technology and engineering and love getting away from an office into a very different environment. The production facilities I visit might from range from a spotlessly clean pharmaceutical manufacturing plant to a dirty, noisy recycling plant. I feel privileged to be inside these places where most people rarely venture. When I get inside an industrial facility, I love seeing how everything works. As I gain an understanding of how things work, this informs me how I need to photograph the processes and machines. I believe that a passionate interest goes a long way to create brilliant imagery. As an experienced industrial photographer, I have my own PPE equipment. I'm knowledgeable about Health and Safety risks, I use my photographic equipment in a safe way that does not impede production or cause problems.


Graduate Recruitment Photography

Perception of your brand is crucial when your company is trying to attract the brightest and best candidates. When you use generic stock shots on your social media and recruitment channels, it's discernible to potential candidates and looks very false! Commissioning a photographer to take the portraits of current employees and sharing their experiences is worth the effort, it provides authenticity and engenders trust. Bespoke campaigns are more effective and in the longer-term better value for your company. My background of photographing young people and my people skills means that the images I make are convincing, intriguing and compelling. Excellent portraits of your existing graduate scheme employees will enable you to use these images on your Twitter Feed, Facebook Recruitment Site, Linkedin, Website, Recruitment Fairs and all other marketing material. I do not charge additionally for usage, you are in control of the images.


Architectural Photography

The key to getting great images of the exterior and interior architecture is preparation. All the key elements need to come together to capture a sense of place and to make stunning images that are perfect for marketing. Most clients require a clean picture, with no cars or people in front of the structure. The time of day can make a dramatic difference to the imagery, daylight, dawn or dusk the light is always different!  There is so much to consider - but with careful planning, I will capture the architecture photography beautifully. I will sit down with you and discuss what you aim to achieve. I look for details and elements that are the strongest and most distinctive. My role as an architectural photographer is to allow your building to stand out. My clients have included construction companies, property developers, hotels, publishers, architects, interior designers, facility management and PR agencies.

Headshot Photography

Your online image is critical to you and your companies brand. A great photograph can inspire people to make an approach, a poorly implemented one can put people off. If you want to project a dynamic image, generate new clients, boost business, then a professional photographer can help. Don't underestimate the power of a great first impression. I endeavour to create business portraits that make you look approachable, friendly, authoritative and engaging. I realise we could all use little help when it comes to looking our best. Once you have selected your business headshot that you are happy with I'll then start work on retouching your photograph. Airbrushing involves removing any superficial marks, lightening any tired lines and colour correcting your chosen images. Some people opt for additional work, like facial slimming or black and white conversions. I can offer a range of packages that suits your budget. Contact me for further details.


Conference Photography

I know the time and energy my clients put into their conferences and events. They are a culmination of colossal amounts of work. As an event photographer, my job to ensure that all that hard work is thoroughly documented. I work with great companies, my job is to make sure that your conference photography is just as good. I work on a wide variety of conference types, right from smaller workshops right up to large industry events with hundreds of people present. I try to ensure that my attendance at the event is unobtrusive and discreet. I know as an event co-ordinator that your hands are going to be very full throughout the day. When the event goes live, I just do my job with no fuss. This is reassuring for organisers who need to focus on the day of the conference. They are not there to shadow the event photographer around.
I can do on-site digital editing and delivery can be arranged to ensure same day image file availability. I'm based near to Swansea, Cardiff, Newport Bristol. I cover events in the Welsh Capital and all over the South Wales region. I'm often commissioned at other locations in the UK such as London, Birmingham and Bristol. My existing clients often choose me over local photographers, because they have the confidence that I'll deliver precisely the images they need to make an impact. 

Construction Photography

Construction photography can assist several stakeholder groups in a company or contractors. Keeping a visual timeline of site progress for Head Office, especially for senior management who cannot afford the time to visit the site regularly. The marketing department can monitor in-progress and completed works on-site, these images can then be used for glossy brochures, uploaded to social media and incorporated in websites. Sub-contractors and engineering consultants can use photography to promote their specific services and products. I can photograph demolitions, in-site progress and completed projects. Whether you need construction photography for progress reports, a collection of photos to promote housing, office developments or the latest city landmark building.
I'm based near Cardiff. I have easy access to other cities in South Wales and the West Country. These include Swansea, Newport, Bristol, Bath, Chippenham and Swindon.


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