Sales Meeting Attendance

Generally it will take a lot of time, effort and expense in generating and qualifying a sales lead. The next stage is to meet the prospect and discover their wants and needs, so it’s so important that this opportunity is not squandered. My approach to sales meetings takes this order of preference



To ensure that I’m prepared for a sales meeting I carry out a great deal of on-line research to understand the company I’m selling to. This ensures that I can feel relaxed in the meeting and can more thoroughly understand the requirements. This research will include knowing the key decision makers, the customers organisational structure, what services/produces are currently been purchased, how purchase decisions are made, the financial stability of the organisation, the number of sites etc.

Building Trust

Number one priority for the first meeting is making friends and allies, especially as I’m looking to develop a long term relationship. Establishing trust is important in differentiating from the competition.  Fully understanding the needs of the customer in detail and really caring about the buyer’s needs is the key to building this trust.


Consistently ask the right questions.

The biggest myth associated with success in sales is ‘gift of the gab’ but what really determines successful sale is the ability to listen. So discovering their organisational pain, what they want to achieve, why the want to achieve that, who is going to help them achieve that, what are their weaknesses and strengths in their teams, are they looking to buy any businesses soon, what systems need to be put into place to achieve their goals are all key and instrumental in moving towards the end process. I take the view that they will be judging us not on the sales presentation but the questions that are asked!


Concluding the meeting

If it’s a simple sale then at the conclusion of the meeting I will simply ask for the business, if this is sales is going to be a process then I will ensure that everyone understands the action points. After confirming with the prospect the next stage I always ensure that I act efficiently and promptly to the agreed action points.


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