CRM Development

A good CRM system will allow everyone in your organisation to understand when a customer was contacted, what they have bought, what their last interaction was and also allow the management team to track sales and performance without needing additional help.

Cloud based CRM systems will allow your key people to access customer’s data while away from the office on devices such as Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones leading to a real competitive advantage.

I can help you:-


• Select the best and most effective system

• Migrate existing data across to the system

• Help populate the database with relevant information

• Make the most of the CRM system once in place




Many small business owners used to believe that customer relationship management software was something that large blue chip businesses used: it’s not. If you want to make much better use of information to grow and nurture you customer base then a cloud based CRM System will help enormously.

The key to selecting the CRM system is understanding your business requirements and how these may change in the next few years. Features such as lead tracking, forecasting sales and keeping tabs on all sales activities, managing all your customer relationships are all important; but the overwhelming attributes that you should be seeking is ease of use and intuitiveness.



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