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It was only a chance encounter a year ago with an acquaintance that led to me to changing career to become a self-employed business development consultant operating in the Creative and Cultural Sectors.


Prior to this I’d been working as a corporate photographer for seven years; but due to structural changes in the photography market it was increasingly difficult to make a reasonable living doing this full time. I’d already in the past had a very successful career as salesperson in the Internet and IT Industries but never really felt particularly comfortable working in the sector. Despite my ability to consistently exceed sales targets and generate significant new revenue the work did not satisfy the creative aspect of my personality.

The acquaintance I met was operating a small business that provided digitisation services to prestigious galleries, museums, media organisations and blue chip companies. This business was growing slowly but needed someone dedicated to the task to take it to the next level. The owner of the business saw my potential and recognised my skills, so I was offered the role as a consultant to carry out business development on a year’s contract. Throwing myself into the role, I very soon realised that I really enjoyed meeting the archivists, curators, academics and consultants. Not only were the people interesting and shared my love of the arts and culture, but the work was considerably more varied than just a dedicated sales role would be. I was responsible for all aspects of business development including account management, bid response; implementing a new CRM System, developing the website, initiating and following through on email campaigns, development of content for Blogs/ public relations and all necessary marketing and sales actions to grow the business.


Inquisitive and with real passion for art and culture I’m  looking forward to working with other small businesses that operate in the Creative and Cultural Industries to help grow your business and provide profitable and predictable revenue streams.

You can view details of my work history via my Linkedin Profile  and I would be very happy to speak to you about your requirements in detail.


Business development for the Creative and Cultural Industries