Establishing suitability is not necessarily as straightforward as it first appears. I have formulated an objective process to help determine the chances of success and establish the profitability of a long term contract.


My substantial experience and knowledge of public sector sales will assist in seeking out the most suitable contracts, qualifying and then providing the best possible bid response to help grow your business to the next level.




Bid Response

Growing a business and attracting larger public sector contracts or blue chip companies involves responding to tenders or creating proposals. But the fact is that business owners or your key staff are probably too busy to devote too much time and effort in responding; consequently the job of preparing the tender is relegated to late at night or even worse delegated to whoever is considered the least busy. But unfortunately this is not the best possible strategy  to win new business.


In addition cracking the potentially lucrative tender market can be fraught with danger. One of the keys to success is making the decision to bid or no bid, as the most common reason for lack of success is poor choice of tender opportunity. It is a waste of time tendering for contracts that you are not going to win.

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