Account Management

When running a high-growth business you could well find that the amount of attention you can devote to each customer becomes increasingly stretched as you client base expands or there are other matters that require more immediate consideration.


To ensure retention of your existing customer base it’s essential to remain aware of the importance of managing your customer relationships. Customers expect a high level of service and they could very well be talking to your competitors unless you treat them properly before, during and after a sale.



I can help you communicate more effectively and in so respond to their demands and gather and act on their feedback. Some of the action points I can undertake can include:-

• Developing a detailed database about your customers, services they have bought etc.

• Regular face-to-face contact with your customers when appropriate

• Collect detailed information about customer medium and long term plans

• Focusing attention and resource for the most important clients

• Keeping customers involved and satisfied at all times.

• Use the appropriate channels to talk with customers

• Helping identify key performance indicators and monitoring them

• Benchmark your services against that of the competitors

• Communicate feedback with your key people and across the business

• Ensuring processes are in place to ensure you get decent feedback at every opportunity





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